Good Playing Golf at German

The playing field is the area within which it develops the path of play. This usually consists of 18 holes, but in some cases could be 9 to repeat. Let us now investigate the key areas of a golf course. Each hole is developed from a tee through the track (the fairway, from fair = fair way away ) and obstacles bounding it to reach the green, the area shaved most of the route which is positioned in the hole.

The area of departure (or batter) is the area from the commencement of play of a hole. Generally in each hole are the two main hitters (for men and women that start the hole with a slight advantage), but you can find up to 4-5 hitters for other categories of players (professionals, juniors, etc. ). The batter is usually elevated compared to the rest of the pit and the grass is shaved, almost like that of the fairway. The two indicators (tee-marker) that are on the line before the batter indicate where the player must place his ball. The color of the indicators differentiate various beaters: the white is generally intended for professionals, men yellow, blue and red to proette women. Just outside the batter is placed a sign that illustrates the hole that there is going to play.

interesting than the game of golf is a language barrier or Platzreife called Germany. The more difficult obstacles that you face, of course the more you make the experience and ability in play. if you want to golf fans and the difficulty to get golf equipment, so here I will give you interesting information where you can visit the Golf Shop for a variety of golf equipment at a cheap price. Please visit and enjoy to golfshop.

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