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STAGE 3 Surge/O2 chip is fully adjustable, programmed performance control unit designed for all vehicles equipped with ECU, simply wires along with the factory harness of the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor and into the plug oxygen sensor (s) in exile. You will receive crisp acceleration, much more horsepower and torque, lower quarter mile times and surprisingly increased throttle response. Installation is very easy, no - special tools or skills required.

Obtain additional 15-40 HP, and extremely dynamic acceleration by up to 30% in contrast to factory engine Performance Chips. This works with the stock ECU and will not affect reliability or engine durability. Original ECU program in the process, but the overwriting signal STAGE 3 is in each microsecond resulting richer air / fuel ratio, according to the peak provides horsepower, torque and acceleration.
Chip is not uniform and are sorted into several categories according to some operating factors as resistance range of IAT sensor and volt range of O2 sensor, Electric Superchargers.


* Increased engine performance up to 20%.
* Increase Nm, throttle response, acceleration and torque in the full RPM range.
* Performance level 0-100% setting.
* You can set the options higher air / fule ratio than the stoichiometric fuel mix.
* Unit is not a simple resistor.
* INTEGRATED O2 - OXYGEN SENSOR SIGNAL CONTROL to avoid unintended insult from ECU
* Pushes up acceleration and dynamism by up to 30%.
* Results higher top speed.
* Long duration - 10 years warranty.
* Easy universal 20 minutes installation.
* Immediately effect even during driving, no ECU learning period.
* Reduces flat spots or delay time when you mash the throttle.
* It does not affect engine endurance.
* Bright red light design


We must assume that the operation of injection / ignition system is significantly determined on the signals from various sensors as IAT (Intake Air Temperature), ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature), AFM (Air Flow Meter) and OS (Oxygen sensor), so when we trick their signals we may regulate effectively engine output.
Stage 3 Combo Surge/O2 face set air / fuel ratio, consequently you can use your vehicle as a race car.


* 0-15% + HP (adjustable)
* 0-15% + Torque (adjustable)
* 0-30% + acceleration (adjustable)
* Higher top speed
* Reduced the flat spot
* Improve throttle response
* Unit will not damage the engine
* Incidental incompatibility with the installation does not cause damage to cables
* Power status LED

Effect time: immediately
Switch: can be connected - not included
Facture: stainless chrome polished body with transparent melted epoxy
Model range:

* Aspirated non-turbo engine
* Turbo engine
* Supercharged engine
* Gasoline
* Diesel
* LPG engine

with factory ECU
Installation: easy, no special tools, skill required

1. in line with IAT sensor
2. Directly to O2 SENSOR signal
3. ignition + / - 12V

Required skill:

* Localization IAT and O2 sensor
* Basic electronic contacting of wires and terminals

10-year warranty


* Performance chip module
* 2 pcs. pre-insulation terminal
* 2 pcs. Snapper terminals
* Installation Guide
* 2 pcs. maintain bolts
* 2 pcs. self-locking nut

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