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Hosting or web hosting is also called the rental place to accommodate the data required by a website and so can be accessed via the Internet. The data here can be files, images, emails, applications / programs / scripts and databases. Hosting understanding is like the following example: a website compared with stalls / rooms on the Mall.

Mall Management renting space, infrastructure, electricity, telephone and other facilities so that people can open a business. Each kiosk can be different managers, different decor and each operates in its own way. In this case the stall or space leased space would have limitations: 10m x 7m and a maximum size of the Mall building.

Singlehop is one hosting service providers who are trusted. In addition to good service, singlehop also has complete facilities and easy. An example is direct access from your account, allowing you more easily communicate with Costumer Service. Flexibility that allows you to select a service from singlehop according to your needs so you can minimize your expenses. Besides the above, you can also save with singlehop coupon. With it you will get a discount up to 10%. I'm sure when you use the services of singlehop, you will not regret it and you also will argue that there is one of the best hosting service providers.

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